The Reiki Sanctuary

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My Reiki Journey

I remember reading once that Reiki finds you.  In my case I would say Reiki found me with the help of a senior ex-street dog from Taiwan named Frank.


I had been Frank’s guardian for a year when I noticed he was having mobility issues.  Extensive testing at the VEC clinic confirmed although there were no ruptured discs there was no obvious cause for his condition.  

Frank was getting worse and eventually, through process of elimination, it was determined he had a progressive, incurable neurological disease known as degenerative myelopathy.

I remembered my friend had taken an animal Reiki course and it was then that I made the decision to pursue learning Reiki.  As soon as I received my 1st Reiki attunement I began offering Reiki daily to my dogs Frank, Chance and Tucker.


I know in my heart that Frank was able to live as comfortably as he did through the benefits of Reiki.  Being able to provide comfort, relaxation and stress relief by holding a Reiki healing space for him daily and also when he was transitioning from this realm to the spirit realm was, in my opinion, a testimony to the power of Reiki and my way of giving back to Frank who had given me so much.

My journey has provided me the opportunity to administer Reiki to people of different ages, personalities and life experiences.  I am always in awe at the positive experiences my clients share with me about their treatment.  The one common theme that runs through every experience is the deep relaxation and stress relief people feel during and after a Reiki treatment.   


Since Frank’s passing I have completed my Reiki Master training, am a certified practitioner and certified animal practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association.  I am living my dream of opening the Reiki Sanctuary and am privileged to volunteer weekly at my local humane society.    

Reiki is my passion and my life’s work.  Thanks to a wonderful teacher named Frank I am now pursuing what sets my soul on fire.  

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing Reiki with you and your animals in the near future.