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Embracing Change Energetically

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

As the sun's warm caress yields to the crisp embrace of autumn, we find ourselves in the midst of a captivating dance of transition. Walking through the enchanting season of harvest we might be feeling some challenging emotions or resistance to letting go of long sunny days and warm evenings. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on change and the meaning we give it.

We all have our favorite season and mine has always been autumn. I love spring, adore summer, and tolerate winter, but I never feel more alive than I do during that liminal space between the end summer and the beginning winter.

I often find myself mesmerized on my walks in the woods, by the dance of life and death, sweetly entwined. The natural world reimagines itself, painting a breathtaking canvas of fiery reds, glowing oranges, and rich golds. The air becomes crisp and transforms on our breath, allowing us to catch a glimpse of that which animates us and fills us with life.

Nature invites us to witness the profound beauty in change and to embrace the poetic paradox of life's shifts. The atmosphere overflows with the essence of what once was and a promise of what is coming. All of life is transitioning, migrating or hunkering down in preparation for hibernation and a long-needed rest – and that includes us.

Transitions can be as challenging as they are beautiful. They echo the splendor of the moment (a birthday celebration, a new year), but something often beckons on the horizon that can pick at our heartstrings and leave us feeling a little uneasy. In all of the transitions I’ve experienced, there has always been an element of 'bittersweet' of what is being lost or left behind, mingled with excitement or an unknowing of what is yet to come. Some of the transitions that come to mind include leaving childhood behind to enter young adulthood, transitioning from single to married, from couplehood to motherhood, my child growing up and entering their own adulthood, and saying goodbye to dearly loved ones.

Each threshold an alchemy of joy and heartache swirling around each other like an exotic cocktail or potion. Many believe it is our nature to ‘hold on to things,’ and we certainly may exert effort to keep things as they are at times. We may even have a tendency to freeze or recreate the perfect moments that life offers us. However I offer a perspective that our truest nature is to flow with life, and when we try to keep things the same and stop that natural ebb and flow, we create suffering.

When we let go and flow, we can lean into the natural beauty of transitions. In opening ourselves up to what is, while releasing gracefully what is no longer, we honor the sacred circle of life, death and rebirth. We also support the natural flow of energy when we embrace all of what is, and flow with it. Instead of using our energy to effortfully to keep things the way they were (which can be energetically depleting), we can flow with life. We can use our energy to heal, balance and receive that which we are calling in on a soul level in support of greater alignment with our purpose.

This is not to say we bypass the ceremony or the pain that often comes with transition. The invitation is to lean into the process of feeling all of our emotions, letting go, saying goodbye, and releasing that which is ready to go. Imagine if we compared a significant transition in our lives to a powerful rainstorm with blustery winds. Instead of creating a barrier or shelter and waiting for the storm to pass, we can go outside in the rain and the wind and we let it wash over us and move us. We might even dance, cry, scream, or all of the above! When working with transition and energy, we let the energy flow thorough us - all of it. We honor and flow with all of the feelings - we let them come, we give them oxygen and light. We flow with the energy rather than blocking it, or pushing it deep down inside us, or denying it by distracting ourselves in ways that may not be nurturing.

Autumn is the very definition of transition and letting go. It reminds us that all of life follows a cycle, and that we too have a beginning, a middle, and an end. For me, autumn is always a poignant reminder to embrace the beauty of life and amp up my gratitude for the gift of being here in this moment to witness it all. Its a reminder to lean in and be present and to not take the gift of this life for granted.

In this season of change, we can find inspiration in the whispers of the wind, the rustling of colorful leaves, and the gentle sway of the trees. Just as the trees gracefully let go of their leaves, we can learn to release what no longer serves us, preparing to cozy up, take rest and rejuvenate.

Nature, in its grand wisdom, teaches us that the spiritual journey is a continuous cycle of rebirth and transformation. In the crisp air and vibrant colors of autumn, we witness the sacred circle of life, death, and rebirth. With November upon us, let’s celebrate the art of transition and express our gratitude for the abundant harvest, both in our gardens and in our hearts.

Reiki, the ancient and mystical practice of energy work offers us a warm and inviting space of support in all times of transformation. Reiki is so much more than a healing practice in a therapeutic session. It is a meditative and energetic practice that supports living in the present moment, with gratitude, and integrity. Reiki is a gentle embrace that helps us align with the natural ebb and flow of life. It bathes us in its warm radiant energy, and a cascade of colors as vivid as the changing leaves. It sweetly reminds us to breathe with life, and to breathe through the transitions.

In the arms of Reiki and the spiritual guidance of nature, let us cradle our spirits, like a hearth that warms the home on a crisp autumn evening. Let us honor the radiant beauty of falling leaves, the bountiful harvest of our hard work, the warmth of gatherings with loved ones, and the truth of who we are as individuals. Let us be present and honor the natural cycle of all life as we slowly transition indoors and make way for winter and a time of hibernation and renewal.

May our hearts be open to the wisdom of nature and may we let the healing energy of life wash over us, nourishing our soul with peace and gratitude.

May this season of transition ignite the flames of transformation within us, and may we find solace, spiritual insight, and gratitude in every step of our journey.

Short days are lovely reminder that we shine ever so brightly. We are the light even when there is darkness.


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