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Infused with Gratitude & Sunshine

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Today I was blessed with meeting and exchanging ideas with a couple of amazing women who truly inspired me. These two nurses stepped out of hospital settings and into an innovative business setting where they are changing peoples view of what it means to be well! I love to explore health and wellness, and I was literally and figuratively infused with nourishment today at IV Nectar MD in downtown, Rochester Hills! I can attest to walking away feeling inspired, well hydrated, grounded and buzzing with energy! The atmosphere of this place is a well appointed lounge or upscale living space that is cozy and comfy, and the good humans who work there are professional, were able to answer all my questions, and were fabulous conversationalists on top of all of that. I am converted and I will be back!

While getting my infusion we had the opportunity to discuss Reiki, meditation, and breathwork, and it made me realize how much I love this particular type of wellness work. I feel so much passion when I talk about these things and it made me realize this isn't so much "what I do," but rather more "who I am." The discussion inspired me to relay a message.

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but I realized today that perhaps I should share with more people that meditation doesn't have to be effortful. It is less about trying and more just about opening yourself up to receive. It doesn't have to be done with eyes closed in a lotus position, or take a long time. It doesn't have to feel hard, or daunting, or even time-consuming.

Truth - it can be anywhere and it takes hundreds of different forms. It can be fun, relaxing, blissful or enlightening. It can be easy. We can all do it. Yes - I said it. All of us can do it, and it is simply lovely. It is like a warm hug, an inner smile, a moment of peace and clarity. And once you start doing it you might find people asking you things like, "what skin products are you using? Your face is glowing!" Or "something about you has changed - you seem happier or more peaceful." You may find it easier to stay neutral or even positive in previously triggering situations. You may feel more clarity about what you want in your life, and what you don't. And you definitely might feel more amped up on joy and gratitude. It is transformational.

I have a 500-hour meditation coaching certification that has changed my life. Today I am feeling deeply called to share what I've learned with others because not only is it awesome to be infused with vitamins (it actually is), but it is also amazing to go through your day infused with sunshine, peace, and gratitude. Meditation is accessible, easy and most of all, THE BOMB! Look for my soon to be released meditation class series. Together we are going to discover meditation, joy, and the energy within and all around us. It is already here - we are just going to notice, open up and receive it!

In the meantime, I offered to share a fun meditation with a special someone today, so I'm publishing it on my website (link below). Sending joy and peace to all of you. I am grateful to be a part of it all, and to walk through my life with so many good humans.

Remember making wishes on dandelions? Guided meditation to relax and 'sink into' the qualities of joy, curiosity and lightness. Keying into how our thoughts can shift our energy and feelings.

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